Water Birth

Water is a fabulous place to labour and also to birth in as it sooths and relaxes as well as allowing you to unwind. Being in a birthing pool helps to reduce stress, ease labour pain and lessen the need for drugs.


Being in the water encourages natural endorphins and oxytocin to be produced. As a result contractions become less painful and more effective. The water allows tired, tight muscles to relax and release any tension allowing the body to become much more open. The water can also soften the tissues of the perineum, reducing the need for episiotomies and causing fewer tears. Because of the nature of water it allows you to move easily from one position to another with the body being fully supported.


West Suffolk Hospital has three birthing pools, one in Central Delivery Suite and two in the Birthing Unit. If you have decided on a homebirth there are many companies that hire birthing pools.


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