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Just wanted to thank you again for your brilliant classes, it all helped when I was in labour. I thought you'd like to hear my birth story,  I was very lucky to have a quick, easy labour this time...
I woke at 1am on Sunday and realised I was getting some mild contractions.  They weren't particularly painful so I stayed in bed for a bit and tried to get some more sleep but they were 3-4 mins apart and I could feel myself getting anxious/excited and a bit worked up realising that this was it. So I sat on my bed, played a hypnobirthing app and did all the Daisy routines and deep breathing to relax.  It worked and I was feeling completely calm and chilled out with the contractions still nice and regular but very manageable.
At 2:30 I woke Dean and got him to sort the tens machine out for me and I wandered round the house making sure everything was tidy and ready and the hospital bags by the door.  I had a cup of tea and watched TV for a bit while leaning on my birthing ball.  Contractions were getting painful but were only lasting about 35 seconds and I felt like I had plenty of time to recover in between.  
At 4am I called the birthing unit.  I wasn't expecting to go in yet but I realised I hadn't felt baby move for a few hours so I told them I was in labour and asked if they wanted to me to come in to check baby was happy.  They weren't concerned and told me to stay at home longer.  The contractions were 2-3 mins apart but they said as I was talking through them and they weren't very long I should wait until they got up to at least a minute.  I was happy with that but decided to call my mum and get her to come over so she was there for Ezra when we had to go.
By this point I was only comfortable sitting in my rocking chair, I didn't want to lean forward anymore.  I was feeling pressure low in my pelvis and the contractions all down my thighs so I had Dean massaging my legs while I did 'escalator breath'.
I called the birthing unit again when my mum arrived at about 4:30.  Contractions were still only 45seconds at the most but I said I was coming in anyway and that I'd like to use the pool.  
We live close to the hospital so were there in 5 minutes.  By the time we got there I wasn't really feeling the pain from the contractions, just immense pressure from baby's head.  I walked up all the stairs, stopping for a few contractions but still feeling calm and composed.  I was just starting to get anxious about how much worse it was going to get and how many more hours I was going to be in labour for.  But when they examined me I was 9 cm already!
They took me through to one of the rooms in the birthing suite and I looked around for somewhere to rest.  There was no bed and the pool wasnt ready so as I got my next contraction I just dropped to my knees where I was, leaned on the steps to the pool and felt my waters pop and flood the floor.  The midwives quickly scrambled around and got towels and mats ready and told me to push.  
I was really scared of pushing and needed a bit of encouragement but my body did it for me in the end.  I didn't do the 'ouuuuuuut' thing I'm afraid, just a lot of screaming but I was glad I knew to be on all fours and it was amazing to feel my baby being born.  I think it took about 15 minutes and she was born at 5:32am.  
I got to discover she was a girl for myself, did delayed cord clamping, a natural third stage which was surprisingly quick... everything I had wanted.  It was a wonderful experience after having the complete opposite with Ezra's birth.  Empowering and healing.  I still can't believe I did it with just my tens machine for pain relief and the whole thing was just 4.5hrs from waking up til her birth.
They told me I'm having a home birth next time!
She's a lovely, content baby so far and breastfeeding is going wonderfully.  I feel like we've got off to a really good start. 
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