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Our baby boy was born 3 weeks early, on holiday, at 8.35 on Tuesday 9th June weighing 6lbs- as you guys were all rotating and breathing I was too I imagine, if maybe not in such a controlled way :) I had some tummy pains the night before which when I woke up turned into definite contractions- 10-15 minutes apart & fairly uncomfortable but definitely manageable with some bouncing & rotating on the ball. Decided to call the local hospital about 4 (we were in the back end of nowhere in North scotland) & they asked me to go in for a check- laying down on the trace slowed everything down typically. So they were about to send us home as I was on all fours on the floor definitely wanting to push- they did a 'quick examination' & discovered I was fully dilated at which point I was wheeled to the delivery room- about 20 minutes and 3 pushes (I kid you not it happened so fast) baby was here! Midwives think that established labour was maybe 2-3 hours which is pretty unheard of for first babies? That or clearly I was coping with things incredibly well. Either way, the whole experience was magic and so incredibly manageable (I'm not going to say it was easy) but I'm attributing the fact that I dealt with it so well to the techniques from daisy & wanted to say thanks for all of your support. After two nights in hospital (baby was a little slow on the uptake for feeding) and a mammoth 13 hour drive home we're finally chilling :)
Hoping to see you at Daisy Baby soon.
Thanks, Rosie xx
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