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Antenatal classes we did before having William over 2 years ago seemed a long way off, and work together with running around after a toddler meant I was keen to do a class to give dedicated time to me and bump number 2.
Daisy birthing class was perfect- I went along to 6 week block, then a few extra top ups as my due date crept closer so by the time the big day arrived I felt very familiar with the techniques and confident go with the flow!
After a frustrating week of stop-start tightening’s each evening I found it hard to believe when, exactly one week after my due date, I woke at 4.30am to the beginnings of contractions. Although George was my second baby, I had been induced with William (my waters went without contractions) so I wasn't sure what natural twinges to expect.
Given this, I stayed in bed, breathing through each contraction for an hour or so. I soon realised they were about 3-4 minutes apart so thought I should get up and get moving. Leaning into each contraction and rotating with my basic birth breath seemed to do the trick as I got things together, called the birthing unit and woke up my husband, Mum and finally my toddler to get him dressed and geared up for the day without Mummy!
The contractions still seemed very regular but pain control was fine, so I gradually got sorted out and, with my husband in tow, headed to hospital for about 7.30am.
After being booked in, examined (4cm dilated) and allocated a rather swish en suite room on WSH's birthing unit (my husband still thinks it'd be a great place for a weekend away!) we got ourselves settled with a cuppa, porridge, i-pod on and TENS machine installed. I continued to stay upright for each contraction- leaning on the wall and rotating with added TENS 'boost' button until the contractions got stronger and I decided to move onto all fours on the yoga mat. Beginning to use the escalator breath with my husband supporting and rotating bump with a scarf did wonders as labour progressed.
After a couple of hours of escalator breath, with fantastic support from my husband and excellent midwife- not to mention the reassuring background of daisy birthing cd, and numerous trips to the loo, I had the urge to push.
A birthing stool was located, TENS whacked up a notch, cd volume turned up - and the bearing down 'out' breath kicked in! First my waters went (over hubbo's feet!) then a few bearing down breaths later our baby boy made his entrance at 2.10pm weighing 7lbs, 15ozs. He was perfect and was passed straight to me- calm and settled before he let out his first yelp... and then latched on for a feed immediately!
The midwife remarked that she had not witnessed such a calm and controlled birth before as I literally 'breathed the baby out'... Exhausted? No. Exhilarated? Yes. A daisy birthing advocate? 100%!! 7 weeks on I have a very chilled baby (who cooed his way through his first daisy baby class) and weekly meet ups with the ladies and babes from my daisy birthing class- I feel very very lucky!
So, believe in what the classes tell you and trust in your body to do it's job... Thanks a million Carly! 
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