Benefits of Baby Massage

Improves Circulation - Firm strokes in direction of venous return

Improves muscle tone - Through Improved circulation of oxygen to muscle

Improves bone growth - Improved circulation aids ossification (bone growth)

Improves Lymphatic's - Boosts circulation of lymph around body and to the nodes

Aids Immunity - Through improved lymphatic's

Improves Digestion - Through boosting peristalsis of the colon

Aids respiration - By relaxing the chest muscle

Enhances Visual Tracking - as baby watches mum

Wires the synapses of brain - Through cross lateral strokes to link hemispheres

Installs sense of rhythm - Through rhythmic movement or patting

Enhances feel good hormones - Through stimulation of endocrine system

Mum feels better too - As her endorphin release

Provides sense of self - Baby feels their outer limits

Aids communication - Mum and Baby get to know each other and share eye contact

Aids relaxation & Sleep - Through production of endorphin

Provides support & confidence - Through peer to peer help & practical techniques


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