Active Birth

Active birthing isn’t a new concept in fact it is a way of describing normal labour and birth and the way a woman behaves during labour when she is following her own instincts. It wasn’t until birth started to become medicalised that it became more common for women to birth in a reclined position; it was thought that being in such a position would make it easier for intervention if needed.

Women are now starting to take control of their birth again resulting in an increase of more active births. This involves women having the freedom to use upright positions such as standing, walking, kneeling or squatting during their labour and birth whilst using a variety of breathing techniques allowing their body to work as it should.

How do I prepare of an Active Birth?

By understanding what is happening to your body during pregnancy and labour will help you follow your instincts and to listen to what your body is telling you. It will help you focus on your pregnancy and labour enabling you to understand exactly what is happening to your body. This in turn will enable you to stay calm, relaxed, focused and to be in complete control of your labour. You will be able to move and use breathing techniques to ride your contractions and then rest between them. Ultimately you will have the empowerment to achieve a positive birthing experience regardless of the type of delivery you have.

During pregnancy it is really important to keep healthy and active. A great way to do this is to attend active pregnancy and birthing classes. You do not have to be super fit and supple or have attended similar classes before pregnancy. These types of classes will help you prepare for an active by birth providing you with the breathing techniques, movements and relaxation which are essential during an active birth.


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