About Me

I’m Carly mum of Riley age 10, Lily age 5, Theo age 1 and Step-mum of Lewis age 13 and Finlay age 10. I have been working with pregnant mums for many years but in 2010 after my daughter was born I trained to be a Daisy Birthing Pregnancy and Antenatal Teacher, I soon followed this up with Daisy Baby Massage and Yoga and my Doula training. 
As a Daisy Birthing and Pregnancy teacher I am there to support you from 14 weeks right through to 42 weeks. I can help provide you and your birthing partner with labour education, breathing, movement and relaxation techniques to help you achieve the birth you desire.
As a doula I am there to support you as the mother, father and family in whatever way you need during the pregnancy, birth and with baby once they arrive.
As Daisy Baby Teacher I get to see all the new babies and travel the journey with new mums, dad and carers through my weekly Tinies and Wrigglers classes. I provide you with education on calming and movements to help with wind and colic as well as lots of sensory, massage and yoga.
I am very honoured to work with pregnant mums, dads-to-be and with new babies on a daily basis through my classes, workshops and doula role. Through the different services I offer I am able to achieve my ultimate aim which is to support you with the continuity of care you deserve from just 14 weeks pregnant right through to baby's first birthday.
Building Confident Births, Positive Parents & Calmer Babies Across West Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds & Sudbury
Email:     Call: Carly on 07554 395289